Ghost Village Films℠ is a boutique production company based in Oregon.


With a spirit of exploration and a highly collaborative process, we partner with brands, artists, and agencies for the creation of meaningful, beautiful films.

We work for the good of humans throughout our good planet Earth. 


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Filmmaker and composer Gabriel James was born a child of the Pacific Northwest and raised by a band of notorious VHS pirates. 


He was taught from youth to see the world cinematically, to adventure and to write it down, to edit life toward efforts of strange and hopeful vision. First studying music, Gabriel began a transition into filmmaking in 2007, eventually landing in Portland, Oregon and fulfilling various roles in commercial, short form and independent feature film projects.

His current work and life, Ghost Village focuses on multidisciplinary collaboration, working with other artists and organizations who share a passion for thoughtful and well-crafted cinematic content.


When not making films or watching them, Gabriel can often be found behind a Batman comic or Volkswagen engine, typically with a hot coffee or dark beer in hand.