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Ghost Village Films is a treasure-seeking operation.

Gold and silver shine from distant shores, beckoning the brave to dare a stormy sea between. Take a look! What does your spyglass see? What does your treasure map now read?


Let's explore together: Your message becomes our mission.


We dig deep ~ using a highly collaborative process to discover, plan and execute a custom video package tailored to you or your client's marketing goals. With cinematic sensibilities and warm, filmic textures, we create thoughtful and inspired pieces that stand out like a lighthouse beacon in a stormy digital sea.


We The River


Monkless Belgian Ales

Ghost Village Films provides creative direction and full-service production for creative agencies, commercial and not-for-profit organizations and personal brands. While being open to projects at any scale, we prefer to work with small teams, on both the client side and in terms of production scope. This allows us to provide a personalized and detail-oriented approach, leading to unique and effective deliverables.


Whether collaborating on a one-off project or an ongoing campaign, we'll work closely with your team to translate your messaging into effective video content for web, social, broadcast and streaming delivery.

If you can see the treasure island gleaming, cast your message our direction.

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